About okinx

Okinx is a brand that prides on being detail and quality oriented. There’s a story behind each and every one of the garments used in our line.

Okinx produces rich colours, precise stitching, symmetry, defined finishing and a mix of the very best fabrics available.

While the garments are originally intended for men’s clothing, women may also enjoy the cut and style of the collections.
Exploring with ring spun cotton, polyester, rayon and spandex are amongst the textiles Okinx has conquered in their collections. Softer and longer lasting fabrics such as Tanguis and Pima cotton, which originates from Peru are in the production line. Peruvian cotton is known to be amongst the best fabrics to use in the garment industry.
With a passion for quality fit and design, our products are built to outlast the rest. Basic t-shirts are a necessity for all and although there are many available out there, quality often does not measure up.
We wanted to bring fourth the perfect mix of quality & price.
With the highest quality sourced fabrics from all over the world, we offer our high branded t-shirts based out of our facility in Montreal.