Dave Chappelle visited a Montreal brand’s pop-up, wore its shirt to JFL

It was good weekend for the co-founders of Okinx. Dave Chappelle stumbled upon their event then made waves in their “I’m not cocky I’m confident” shirt.


Dave Chappelle appeared on stage at the Bell Centre for his Just for Laughs show last Saturday sporting a T-shirt by Montreal’s Okinx.


“I’m not cocky I’m confident,” read the text on its front and back.

It’s the kind of moment fashion upstarts dream of.

You can spend four years obsessing about your brand or imported cotton or stitching, as Okinx’s Cedric Okitundu and Sam Moghbel say they’ve done, but moments like this usually come down to something stranger. In this case, it was a pair of shoes.

A friend of the pair was on his way to their pop-up shop at Old Montreal’s Phi Centre when he crossed paths with Chappelle. The comedian asked him about his sneakers and the T-shirt he was wearing. It was an Okinx. Moghbel says the friend then invited Chappelle to come with him to the pop-up.

Okitundu greeted the comedian and suggested a black and white T-shirt to go with his zebra Yeezys. Each colour in the “I’m not cocky I’m a confident” campaign is meant to represent a facet of overcoming tribulations and prejudgments. Okinx says it donates funds to related causes. The model Okitundu suggested represents “equality.”


“Please, do you mind me asking you a favour,” Okitundu recalls asking Chapelle after he’d picked out the shirt. “Do you mind changing and wearing it here?”

He wanted a picture of Chappelle in his wares.

Chappelle obliged and kept on wearing the shirt. He was spotted in it throughout the day, including at an afterparty.

Even though the famously camera-shy comedian didn’t allow photographs to be taken during his show, word of the T-shirt and its tagline spread informally and in reviews, quickly making its way back to the pair.

“I was getting messages not only from friends,” Moghbel says, “but people who knew me and family in Los Angeles.”

The pop-up’s lucky four-day run is now over, but Moghbel and Okitundu are still selling their T-shirts and hoodies on Okinx’s website.

As Moghbel lists the acquaintances who have been in touch since the weekend, Okitundu chimes in: “Right now is like our dream.”